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Introducing the self-contained vehicles regulatory system 

Date: 7/12/2023

Today marks the first day of the new self-contained vehicles system in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The new system is part of wider freedom camping legislation reforms, which aim to protect Aotearoa’s natural environment, reduce the impact of freedom camping, and increase public trust in freedom camping.  

Board Chief Executive Aleyna Hall says the Board can now receive applications from people and organisations who want to apply to be Certification Authorities. Certification Authorities are people or organisations appointed as a self-containment certification authority, whose core functions include appointing vehicle inspectors, issuing self-containment certificates and making entries in the register of self-contained vehicles.  

Hall comments “The Board looks forward to receiving and processing applications from prospective Certification Authorities. We anticipate Certification Authorities, including Certifying Plumbers who enrol to be Certification Authorities, to be operational and offer self-containment certification services to the public in early 2024. As they come on board, we will add their details to, allowing the public to search for a Certification Authority close to them.”  

Vehicles that are certified under the old ‘blue warrant’ system will have until 7 June 2025 or when it expires – whichever dates comes first – to get their vehicle certified under the new ‘green warrant’ system. Rental companies will have until 7 December 2024 to get their vehicles certified under the new system.  

To be certified as self-contained under the new system vehicles will need to meet the criteria in the Regulations, including requirements relating to a vehicle’s fixed toilet, freshwater system, wastewater system, and ventilation system. Certificates issued under the new system will expire four years after the date of certification, and details of the vehicle will be entered on the national self-contained vehicles register (available at as Certification Authorities are appointed and vehicles are added).  

Information about the new self-contained vehicles system, including detailed guidance documents for those who wish to apply as a Certification Authority, can be found on the Board’s website: