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Gasfitting authorisation (Section 20)

Gasfitting authorisation (Section 20)

Section 20 authorisation allows a gasfitter to work and/or supervise in a specific area of gasfitting after an assessment.


What is a Section 20 authorisation?

There is a section in the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006 which allows gasfitters who cannot meet registration requirements to do specific gasfitting work after an assessment. If you choose this pathway you will be restricted to named areas of work.


How do I get a Section 20 authorisation?

You must pass an assessment conducted by one of the Board’s approved assessors. You will then submit an application to the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (the Board) and we will issue you with a licence allowing you to work in specific areas of gasfitting.

To start the application please contact the Board at Board staff will allocate you an assessor and give you the forms you need.


What type of work will I be able to do with a Section 20 authorisation?

The type of work you can do will be based on the outcome of your assessment. Your assessor will assess you in the area(s) you request to work in. They will then look at your training, work history and knowledge in this area(s) to determine if it is appropriate for you to hold a section 20 authorisation in these area(s).


How long will a Section 20 authorisation be issued for?

You can be issued a Section 20 authorisation for between one and three years. The length of your authorisation is determined by your assessment outcome. Once your authorisation expires you need to reapply and complete a reassesment. 


What does the assessment involve?

There are two parts to your assessment; a written and an onsite assessment.

The written assessment will require you to complete a:

  • questionnaire on legislation and standards
  • written scenario assessment based on your area of expertise.

The onsite assessment will involve an assessor visiting you at work. During this assessment you will be required to:

  • Have an interview with the assessor about your work
  • Provide evidence of compliance in a number of areas.

How much does it cost?

You are required to pay your assessor an upfront payment of $500 plus GST. Any additional cost will be $120 plus GST per hour. Your assessor will send you an invoice for the first payment once they receive your enrolment form.

The total cost of the assessment can vary. The cost will depend on how long your assessment takes and how far the assessor needs to travel to you. You will need to cover the costs of the assessors' travel and accommodation (if required).

Once you finish your assessment you will then need to make an application to the Board. This application costs $635.


Is a Section 20 authorisation right for me?

A Section 20 authorisation is only appropriate if you cannot get registration in any other way and only want to work in a specific area of gasfitting.

When your assessor receives your Enrolment form they will check that you are a suitable candidate for a Section 20 licence.