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and Drainlayers Board
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Complaints and notifications

Complaints about Certification Authorities

Certification Authorities' core functions are to: 

  • appoint vehicle inspectors 
  • issue certificates of self-containment (which includes ensuring that their vehicle inspectors carry out inspections in accordance with the Regulations), and
  • make entries into the register of self-contained vehicles (Register).  

The Board can consider complaints about a Certification Authority that has: 

  • failed (or is failing) to carry out one or more core functions 
  • been, or is, negligent in carrying out one or more core functions, and/or
  • been, or is, carrying out one or more core functions improperly.

Note: The Board can only consider complaints (in relation to the above) under the green warrant system. The Board cannot help with any complaints under the blue warrant system. 



Notify us 

You may also notify us about any offence you consider has been committed under s125A of the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Act 2006, including if a person: 

  • has issued a certificate of self-containment, or a warrant card, without being appointed as a Certification Authority (or when their appointment was suspended or revoked), and/or
  • has represented that they are a Certification Authority when they are not.