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Exemption from the minimum standards of registration

Application for exemption from the minimum standards of registration

There is a section in the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006 (the Act) which allows the Board to approve an exemption to the registration or licence requirements in special circumstances.


Am I eligible for an exemption?

There is no set eligibility criteria for an application for exemption from the minimum standards of registration. The application must be reasonable and supported by a robust reason(s) why you cannot meet the requirements.

If want to talk with us about your eligibility, please contact the team at


How do I apply for an exemption from the minimum standards of registration?

Send us an application form and evidence of your training and experience.

You will also need to give sufficient reasons why you should be exempt from a particular requirement. This information will need to assure the Board that you are competent and mitigate the fact you do not meet the legislative requirements.

The Board will only issue an exemption if they are satisfied that you have the experience and skills required of a New Zealand practitioner at the level of registration/licence you are applying for.

It is important you understand your trade as defined in New Zealand in our Act and the licence type that you are applying for.


How long does an application take?

Your application will be initially assessed by one of our Technical Advisors which takes up to 10 working days. The initial assessment is free of charge and will provide you feedback on your application. This feedback is provided so you can decide if you wish to continue with your application.

Your application will be considered by the Board at its next meeting. The Board may approve your application or propose to decline it. If they propose to decline your application you will be able to submit further evidence to the Board to assist it in making a final decision.

Board meetings occur every 6 weeks so it may take some time to receive a decision on your application.


How much does it cost?

The initial review is free. If you choose to proceed with your application it will cost $1200 (excluding credit card fees).


What happens if my application is approved?

You will be issued a formal letter outlining the Board’s decisions and your next steps. You will need to submit a registration application and pay an additional fee.


What happens if my application is declined?

You will need to meet the requirements of one of the registration pathways in full.