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Proprietary gas pipe system ID

Proprietary gas pipe system ID - the manufacturer label should be attached to the gas meter or LP Gas cylinder.
With the adoption of AS/NZS 5601.1 and .2 as the cited standards in the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010; came some significant changes to certain aspects of gasfitting work.

Changes for gasfitting

Proprietary pipe systems are one area that have significant changes with the installation of a pipe system

[ Key points to note ]

- the requirements to follow manufactures instructions

- the requirement to provide a label at the point of supply and

- the provision for a reversion fitting or a transition connection.

Manufacturers carry out tests to ensure products meet the standards to be used in NZ.

Each manufacturer can have different installation requirements - UV protection is a good example.
Here, instructions must be followed as the manufacturer states.

Note: following the manufacturer’s instructions does not relieve the obligation to meet the requirements of Section 2 of the Standard.

As some proprietary pipe systems look alike, it is difficult to tell the difference between systems - particularly after the installation has been there for some time.

Unless stated otherwise, no other systems fittings or tooling can be used on their system. Identifying the system is a key inclusion in the standard.

AS/NZS 5601.1 Point 4.5.4 states a manufacturer label shall be attached adjacent to the gas meter or LP Gas cylinder(s). See an example above.

Transition connections to proprietary systems or reversion fittings allow for the connection of different pipe systems.

If different piping systems are being used it is important to identify clearly which system is installed in what part of the installation.

For installations in a caravan, AS/NZS 5601.2 2.6.2 states: Proprietary systems shall be suitable for their intended use and shall be installed as a complete entity in accordance with the manufacturer’s relevant instructions.

Multi-layer proprietary piping systems shall not be used in mobile applications.

It is important with any gasfitting work you carry out, that you are familiar with the means of compliance you are using.

You need to ensure the installation is safe and the work you carry out is compliant before turning on the gas supply and issuing a compliance certificate.

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