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9kg LPG cylinder installation

Recently there have been calls to the Board around concerns over gas installations involving a 9kg LPG cylinder.
The main themes with the questions seem to be:

- Restricted gasfitting that under old legislation was exempt;

- A 9kg LPG cylinder located indoors; and

- A 9kg LPG cylinder used incorrectly to inadequately supply appliances.

This tech tip will briefly address the following concerns;

[ Restricted gasfitting ]

The Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Act 2006 defines gasfitting as restricted work. Which means only gasfitters authorised by the Board can do gasfitting.

Gasfitting in the Act is generally defined as any work involved in installing, altering or repairing gas appliances; including the fixing or unfixing of any gas pipes, ventilation or flue pipes, commissioning gas appliances and ensuring their safe operation.

This includes the testing, setting, checking and adjusting of safety devices, combustion conditions and controls associated with the gas installation and ensuring there is adequate ventilation.

Restricted gasfitting includes work on appliances fitted to ships, boats, caravans, motorhomes, trains and any other vehicles.

It also includes work on gas appliances fixed within buildings that are supplied by a gas cylinder of any size.

Work that is not defined as restricted gasfitting includes work on portable gas appliances which have the gas cylinder attached such as BBQ’s, cabinet heaters and patio heaters.

Although, the Board strongly recommends that a gasfitter is used when maintaining or servicing these items.

[ A significant change from 2010 onwards ]

When the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Act 2006 came into force in 2010 there was a significant change regarding gasfitting work involving 9kg LPG cylinders.

In the 1976 Act, gas installations that were supplied by 15kg LPG cylinders or less did not have to be installed by a gasfitter.

This exclusion was removed from the definition of gasfitting under the 2006 Act. This means that now only authorised gasfitters can work on installations supplied with LPG gas cylinders of any size.

Note; It is not a legal requirement for old installations that were previously exempt under the old Act to be retrospectively certified.

However; when a gasfitter does any work on an old installation it is a requirement that they issue a gas certificate for the work they carry out.

If the existing installation does not meet the compliance standards that applied at the time it was installed but is not unsafe, it is advisable to inform the owner of the matter.

It is their choice to have any remedial work carried out.

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