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[ Associated Tradesperson ]

Become an Associated Tradesperson. This class of registration sits under the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB).

It allows registered plumbers and/or gasfitters to do a limited amount of restricted electrical work relating to their trade.

Those that hold this registration can do maintenance and replace fittings that have an electrical rating of not more than 250 volts and 16 amperes on a limited amount of appliances.

For example, an Associated Tradesperson Plumber can replace an element in a storage water heater; an Associated Tradesperson Gasfitter can replace electrical fittings that form part of gas fired equipment; or an Associated Tradesperson Plumber/Gasfitter can do both.

Find out more at

[ Independent Qualified Person (IQP) backflow prevention ]

Become an IQP for testing backflow prevention devices. An IQP can test the backflow prevention devices, but only an authorised plumber can install and repair them.

Becoming an IQP allows plumbers to expand the work which they are authorised to do. Testing is required every 12 months for many backflow prevention devices.

Therefore, becoming an IQP can add a regular income stream to a business. The territorial authority (e.g. your local council) determines who can become an IQP. Generally, a territorial authority will require training in backflow prevention then registering with them.

For more information contact your local council.

[ Become registered in all three trades ]

Become registered in all three trades (plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying). Having an extra registration vastly increases your value to a company and the work which you can do.

This can save your business and your client money by not having to outsource to other tradespeople in order to complete work that requires the different authorisations.

If you don’t have your national certificate in all three trades (plumbing, gasfitting or drainlaying) contact The Skills Organisation for information on training.

In some cases, the training for the national certificate in another trade may take as little as 2-2 ½ years.

Contact 0508 Skills (0508 754 557)

[ Service Agent ]

Becoming a service agent opens up the earning potential for a tradesperson and/or company.

Many manufacturers require people to be a service agent in order to do maintenance on their products.

A person may be legally authorised to do maintenance on some products but in many circumstances unless they are a service agent they void the warranty on the product.

If a person or company are wanting to upskill and become a service agent they should contact the manufacturer of the products they would like to service.

The manufacturer can guide them on what they require for someone to become a service agent for them.

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