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Under the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Act 2006, the Board is responsible for administering the registration of plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers.

In doing so, it is responsible for setting the minimum standards for registration and ensuring those persons carrying out regulated work are competent to do so. The minimum standards for registration and the competencies required for each registration class are set out in the Gazette notices.

If you believe you are entitled to become registered, but you do not meet the minimum standards for registration, please contact the Board to discuss your circumstances further. For more information read the Board's registration policy which sets out the Board’s considerations and obligations around registration.


What is registration?

In New Zealand it is the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board that acts as a regulator for the industry, to protect the health and safety of the public by ensuring that tradespeople are competent to carry out their work. As all sanitary plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying work is restricted it can only be carried out by tradespeople who are authorised to do so.

People working in many occupations (including plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers) are required by law to be registered with the appropriate professional body that represents their occupation. Registration usually represents a significant milestone in a person’s career as it establishes they have proven knowledge, understanding and competence.

Registration is one of the many ways that the public can be ensured that the person they are engaging with is qualified, competent and can safely do the job. The professional body that represents an occupation may have a number of functions other than registration. It may:

  • issue authorisation or licence(s) to registered people wanting to work
  • set and assess professional examinations
  • deal with complaints about other registered or unregistered people working in the profession
  • enforce continued professional development to encourage ongoing learning and development
  • publish journals or magazines

Why become registered?

A registered tradesperson is recognised as having demonstrated to the Board they are sufficiently competent to carry out work within a specific class of registration. This class of registration can either be at the ‘licensed’ level, or the ‘certifying’ class. The licensed class is the first class of registration.

Tradespeople registered in the licensed class have demonstrated they possess the fundamental competencies required to work in their trade.

The certifying class is the second and more senior class of registration. Tradespeople registered in the certifying class have demonstrated they possess the advanced competencies required to test and certify their own work and be responsible for the work of those they supervise.

Requirement to hold a practising licence

Registration on its own does not provide authorisation for a person to work in the trade. Once you are registered, you may apply for a practising licence which will authorise you to carry out work in your restricted trade. You may make your application for a practising licence at the same time you apply for registration if you are intending to carry out work immediately after gaining registration. A practising licence is valid from the date of issue until the following 31 March.

Your practicing licence needs to be renewed annually on or before 1 April if you are continuing to work in the trade. Remember to carry your authorisation card to show consumers and building consent officers as required. When the public engage a registered tradesperson who holds a current practising licence, they can have confidence that the tradesperson is appropriately qualified and able to carry out work safely and effectively.

Registration process

First time registration applications are considered and approved by the Registrar on a fortnightly basis. You will be contacted should the Board have any queries regarding your application before it is processed. Once registered, you will receive a registration certificate within approximately 10 working days. Please note, if your application is incomplete or incorrect it will be returned to you for amendment.

Changing your personal details on the register

All registered tradespeople are responsible for maintaining their correct personal details on the Board’s register. It is your duty under section 76 of the Act to notify the Board within 3 months if you have a change of address, email or phone number. Please update these details by logging in to your online account or email or phone 0800 743 262.

If you have had a change of name it is your duty under section 77 of the Act to notify the Board within 1 month. Please complete the application provided below and return this to the Board. If you hold current authorisation with the Board a new authorisation card will be sent to you within approximately 10 working days.

Further assistance

If you have require further assistance and/or have questions about the Board's registration process please contact our Registration & Licensing team on 0800 743 262 or

Contact the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board

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