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Report A Cowboy (R.A.C app)

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Report your unauthorised work concerns with R.A.C

A united front in closing the gap on illegal operators in construction

The quick and easy way to report that cowboy on the spot with your mobile

The R.A.C app is one way through smart collaboration with industry stakeholders, council inspectors, practitioners and consumers to start clamping down on poor workmanship that creates a bad name for the industry.

  • The R.A.C app was developed and launched by the PGDB in 2016 and has since proven to be a successful way to start closing the gap on unauthorised workers, as well as potentially dangerous work.

  • The app provides a direct link to Board investigation teams and users can remain anonymous when submitting photos and video evidence of illegal work sites, false advertising, and more. 


Important when making a report

Understanding confidentiality

What's important when making a complaint or a report through the R.A.C app is, to progress those complaints received to laying charges, the Board requires a "complainant".

  • Standing by your complaint is important if we are to be effective in closing the gap on this problem quickly.

  • Reports received where confidentiality is requested can only be used as intelligence and for identifying targeted areas for enforcement operations.

Download R.A.C (free) at the app stores below:


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