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Information for gasfitters

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Important notice

Copies of old gas certificates

Up until 1 October 2013, gasfitters had to file either paper-based or electronic gasfitting certificates with the Board, according to the requirements in place under the Gas Act from 1993 to 2013.

The information contained on those copies has been publicly available through the Board’s database since 2006. 

At the end of this year the Board will be updating its database

  • Under the current certification regime the Board no longer receives funding, or have a mandate to keep gas certificate information.
  • Therefore, migration of the legacy certificate information (2013 and prior), or providing public access to it, will not occur as part of the Board’s database update. 

If you have issued certificates during 2013

Gasfitters are required to keep their own copies of the signed gasfitting certificates for up to 7 years.

If you have been relying on the existence of your 2013 certificate information to be on the Board’s database, you will need to print and save this information before the end of 2019 to ensure you comply with the 7-year requirement.

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For any gasfitting certificate information issued after 1 October 2013, you need to contact Energy Safety.  Go to

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