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Gasfitting certificates

Why gasfitting certificates are important

What are they?

Gasfitting certificates are a legal document required under the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations 2010. A gasfitting certificate is the gasfitter’s verification that the gasfitting work is lawful and compliant.

Gasfitting certificates may be called different things under different pieces of legislation. Under the Building Act 2004, they are recognised as an Energy Works Certificate. Under the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations, they are called a Gasfitting Certificate of Compliance and a Gas Safety Certificate.

However, for you as a consumer, they all mean the same thing.

What are the obligations in relation to gasfitting certificates?

A certifying gasfitter must provide a signed gasfitting certificate to a consumer where they have done gasfitting work at the consumer’s property.

The gasfitter that provides the certificate may not necessarily be the person who carried out the gasfitting work at the property.

However, if they have not done the work themselves, the certifying gasfitter that provides the certificate must be satisfied that the work was carried out in accordance with the law with and compliance documents that specify how gasfitting work must be done.

  • The gasfitter is required by law to provide a gasfitting certificate within 20 working days of the gasfitting work being connected to the gas supply.
  • The gasfitter must also keep a copy of any gasfitting certificate they issue for seven years.

 What to do with a gasfitting certificate

Gasfitting certificates should be kept in a safe place. They may be needed if you sell the property or for insurance purposes. Gas providers may also require a copy of your certificate before they supply you with gas or refill your LPG bottles.

How to get a copy of a gasfitting certificate

Please note: Paper gasfitting certificates are no longer held by the Board.

Up until 1 October 2013 gasfitters had to file either paper based or electronic gasfitting certificates with the Board. Over 500,000
  paper based gasfitting certificates were recorded on the Board’s electronic gas certification database, and over 130,000 electronic certificates were also created.

You can search the board's certificate database for a certificate or, alternatively, you may be able to obtain a copy of a gasfitting certificate from:

  • the gasfitter who certified the gasfitting installation(s), as they are required to retain copies for seven years
  • the previous owner of the property if the work was done prior to your purchasing the property
  • your local council - they may have a copy on file

Gasfitting certificates since 1 October 2013

Gasfitters no longer file copies of gasfitting certificates with the Board. The Board’s electronic gas certification database does not contain any gasfitting certificates issued after 1 October 2013.

If you wish to know about a gasfitting certificate issued after 1 October 2013, you need to contact Energy Safety. You can find out how to do this at

What if the gasfitting certificate cannot be found?

If you cannot obtain a copy of a gasfitting certificate from the Board, the original gasfitter or any other person, you will have to contact another certifying gasfitter to check the safety of your gas installation. A certifying gasfitter can issue a certificate of verification of the safety of your existing installation.

Please note that you will have to pay for a gasfitter to issue a certificate of verification.

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