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There's a new class of tradesmen cropping up in Auckland - fix-it men. No, not handymen who do odd jobs around the house - tradesmen who fix mistakes by the "cowboys" originally hired to do a professional job.

Cowboys 'raided' by investigators

Unlicensed tradesmen cause problems in building boom – mistakes others have to repair

What do the PGDB investigate? Shoddy work performed by tradesmen who are not licensed - popularly known as cowboys - and work done by inexperienced tradesmen who are supposed to be supervised when working on a project...but often aren't. They also check up on tradesmen who were once licensed but have let it lapse.
It's in this context that investigators have noticed a new trend in Auckland - a thriving industry which has sprung out of the fact many cowboys are botching jobs luckless homeowners have paid for and then have to pay out again to fix them.