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NZ Herald | Check it's legal

NZ Herald

Plumbing authorities say a prosecution for unauthorised work in Hawke's Bay highlights the need for property owners to make sure work on their homes is legal.

Hastings: Plumbing job highlights need to make it legal

Board chief executive Martin Sawyers said it was a clear warning to those blatantly misleading homeowners.  "My message to consumers is that it takes one simple action to stay safe and avoid any risk, he said.  Go to our website and check it's legal, first. Almost all aspects of this work is restricted and illegal to DIY. When hiring a tradesperson, ask to sight a licence card. It states the credentials of a tradesperson and the type of work they are authorised to carry out."


The PGDB says fines in prosecutions this year for unauthorised work total $21,640. No order for reparation was made in this case, but orders which have been made total $8664.