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Consultations 2011

Review of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Consultation undertaken in OCTOBER 2011

The Board, in its 2010 accountability agreement with the Minister for Building and Construction, agreed to review its CPD scheme. The review, which has been on-going for some time, has involved the Board considering a wide range of possible CPD schemes through discussions with stakeholders, through convening an industry consultation forum and through an analysis of CPD schemes for a range of regulated trades and professions in New Zealand and overseas.

The submission booklet below outlined the Board's preferred CPD scheme and the Board invited public submissions on its review. The submission period closed on 11 November 2011.

From 17 October to 3 November, the Board held a series of stakeholder meetings around NZ as part of their public consultation on CPD. The meetings provided a further opportunity for stakeholders to express their views to the Board about its preferred CPD scheme, and ideas about other options that stakeholders believed would work better. Meetings were held in Christchurch, Hokitika, Dunedin, Wellington, New Plymouth, Auckland (x2), Tauranga and Napier.

Consultation documents

  • Submission booklet
  • Draft
    (Gasfitting Registration and Licensing) Amendment Notice 2012
  • Draft
    (Plumbing Registration and Licensing) Amendment Notice 2012

Consideration of submissions and Board decisions


The Board received 444 submissions in relation to the reviewed CPD scheme proposed for plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers. Thanks to all those who took the opportunity to make a submission.

At its meeting on 6 December 2011, the Board considered all submissions received.

The majority of the submissions did not support the proposal. Many submitters expressed the view that a proposal that did not contain a requirement for any ‘structured’ learning to be undertaken would not achieve the competence outcomes the industry needed.

Accordingly, the Board has decided not to proceed with its proposed scheme. The Board will now modify the scheme to incorporate many of the suggestions contained in the submissions received. A new round of consultation will then be undertaken.

In the meantime, the current CPD scheme remains in force. However, people who have not met their CPD requirements by March 2012 will not be prevented from relicensing at that time. Instead, they will need to have completed the current year’s point’s balance in addition to the requirement for next year by 31 March 2013.

Disciplinary levy and fees review

Consultation undertaken in OCTOBER 2011

The purpose of this consultation was to seek submissions about the proposed amendments and new fees. The Board proposed to amend the disciplinary levy, and the fees charged for the practical test of workmanship and employer licences (for gasfitting only). The levy and fees are set out in the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board (Fees) Notice 2010. It also proposed to set new fees for prosecutions, exemptions for fixing water heaters by gasfitters, and exemptions from registration and licence requirements.

The submission period closed on 28 October 2011. The submission booklet below contained more information about the Board's proposal.

Consultation documents

Consideration of submissions and Board decisions


The Board received 114 submissions on its proposal to amend the fees and disciplinary levy. Thanks to all those who took the opportunity to make a submission.

At its meeting on 6 December 2011, the Board considered all submissions received. As a result the Board decided to amend the fees and disciplinary levy as outlined below. Please note that while these changes have been published in a Gazette notice on 15 December, they will not take effect until 12 January (28 days after the publication date of the amended Gazette notice).

  • the disciplinary levy has been reset from $271.91 to $175. This is a lower fee than indicated in the consultation document as the Board has made changes to its financial model following its consideration of submissions. The disciplinary levy will now only cover the cost of discipline and a new offences fee ($90) has been introduced to fund the cost of prosecuting people working illegally in the industry. These changes address the issue of non-compliance that was the subject of a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee
  • the fee for the practical test of workmanship for overseas-trained people has been reduced from $3,271.11 to $1,410. This follows decreases in costs due to changes in the way practical tests are carried out
  • the fee for an exemption for gasfitters working on hot water cylinders has been set at $102
  • the fee for an employer licence or renewal of an employer licence has increased from $511.11 to $2,820. The previous fee level was determined by the Ministry of Economic Development when it was responsible for administering this licence class. It has been proven insufficient to cover the costs of administering this licence. The increase reflects the true cost
  • a new fee of $102 has been introduced for an application for an exemption from registration and licence requirements and conditions made under section 52 of the Act.

While the fees and levy review undertaken by the Board in October 2011 was of a limited scope, the Board is scheduled to undertake a comprehensive review of its entire fee structure in 2012. This comprehensive review will be accompanied by full industry consultation.

Draft competencies for registration and licensing

Consultation undertaken in JUNE 2011

In November 2010, the Board carried out public consultation on a number of registration and licensing matters. The review of the competencies formed a significant part of that consultation. Whilst most felt that the subject matter was appropriate, feedback did indicate that the draft competencies should have more information in them in the form of descriptors. Accordingly, to address these issues the Board convened industry advisory groups (IAG) for the three trades. Industry representatives developed descriptors as well as made significant recommendations to the Board for each competency. The Board considered the IAG recommendations and finalised its preferred option for the competencies and descriptors.

The competencies will be used to underpin the Board’s registration and licensing requirements, CPD requirements, examination and National Certificate content.

Below is a timeline of the consultation process undertaken by the Board on the draft competencies for registration and licensing:

5 June 2010 Industry Advisory Groups (IAG) Draft competencies proposed
14 July 2010 Board meeting Draft competencies and consultation plan agreed
19 October - 17 December 2010 Public consultation Draft competencies made publically available. A series of 20 nationwide meetings held.
21 December 2011 Board meeting Consultation feedback considered
8 March 2011 Industry Advisory Groups (IAG) IAG’s review and develop descriptors
29 March 2011 Board meeting IAG recommendations accepted
13 June - 11 July 2011 Final consultation

The Board consulted on the draft competencies required for registration and licensing. Submissions closed on 11 July 2011. The Board received 100 submissions and thanks submitters for taking the time to give their views.

The Board considered submissions at its meeting on Tuesday 26 July 2011.

Consultation document

Consideration of submissions and Board decisions

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