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Corporate publications

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The significant challenges and program of work

Strategy and planning

Business strategy

  • The business strategic plan sets out the significant challenges facing the Board and how it plans to address them over the coming three years.
  • The Board continues in the direction of moving to strengthen itself as a professional, evidence-based, intelligence-led and risk-focused regulatory body.


Business plan

  • The business plan outlines the program of work the Board will deliver from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.
  • It links directly with the strategic plan and is consistent with the direction of that plan.


Accountability reporting

Corporate publications

Accountability agreement

  • The Board's accountability agreement is between the Minister for Building and Construction and the Board. The agreement establishes the Minister's expectations of the performance of the Board.
  • The agreement enables the Minister to monitor the Board and hold the Board accountable for its performance.


Annual report

  • This Annual Report was presented to the House of Representatives on 16 August 2021.