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Important information

Note: As of 6 December 2016, the registration class is previously known as "licensed" is now called "tradesman".

... What is the difference between Certifying and Tradesman
... Who are Limited Certificate Trainees
... What does Exemption Under Supervision mean
... What is the Journeyman class of registration

Things you need to know about Supervision

These documents provide guidance for plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers about responsibilities when supervising registered Tradesmen, Provisional Licence holders, Limited Certificate Trainees and Exemption Under Supervision holders.

See the quick reference guide below for an easy to understand overview

The above supervision information is a guideline only, as opposed to rules, and therefore are not binding. However, as best practice statements they will be used by the Board to assist it in determining when to take action against individuals for not exercising proper supervision.

If at any point during the licensing year you stop supervising someone, you must notify the Board of this fact in writing. Until the Board receives written notification, you remain responsible for any work carried out by people under your supervision according to the Board's database. Written notification can be by email or letter (PO Box 10655, The Terrace, Wellington 6143).

... Your information on the public register
... Lost your authorisation card?

Renewing your licence online

Log in at the top this page. All you need is your authorisation number (username) and password. If you need a password let us know (, we'll email you one.

Follow the online relicensing guide below. This will take you through the steps necessary to activate your 1 April 2016-31 March 2017 licence. If you need further help with online relicensing, or require a form to be posted to you, contact us on 0800 743 262 or email

  • If you hold qualifications achieved outside New Zealand, click here.

Other Information


If you hold qualifications achieved outside New Zealand, click here.

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